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STL Established South China (Foshan, Guangdong) Office and Acrylic and Ester Customer Appreciation Meeting

In order to carry out ‘Marketing Factory’ and ‘Marketing Sinking’, on December 11th, STL held the opening ceremony of its South China (Foshan, Guangdong) Office. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Zhu Weigang, VGM Mr. Gian Yifei, and Ma Yiming.


On behalf of the marketing center, Mr. Zhu Weigang expressed warm congratulations on the establishment of the office as well as great thanks to STL members who participated in the preparation. He pointed out that, as the second standard office, the establishment was a key step for STL to spread out in China and reach out to the whole world. What is more, he announced some advice for the future.

1. Ensure the standard operation of the office

2. Show the spirit of STL members.

3. Play the part of the office.  

There were four authorized distributors who were invited to be on site.


The Appreciation Meeting started at 2 pm. GM of the marketing center Mr. Zhu Weigang, VGM Mr. Qian Yifei and Ma Yiming, product AD, Mr. Shen Zhu Liang & He Liqun attended. Nearly 100 customers participated.


At the beginning, three videos brought all introduced to  the strategy of STL.


Under the warm applause, Mr. Zhu Weigang made a speech. First, on behalf of the marketing Center, he expressed thanks and welcome to all customers. He said that STL kept insisting on being ‘Customer-Centric’ and would expand into the South China market. The update of the office was in order to improve our service.


The meeting also invited some experts from institutions to share ideas about currency, infrastructure, import and  export as well as industry in 2022. What is more, there were also customer representatives who made life speeches. At the dinner, Mr. Ma Yiming made a toast. He expressed best regards and sincere thanks to all the guests. He said STL would enhance the ability of service and build up cooperation with customers in order to achieve a win-win situation.


The establishment of the South China (Foshan, Guangdong) Office showed the determination of ‘Marketing Sinking’, which made it significance to open a window and build an image. It would also move the platform forward, which would help to speed up response to the demand of customers in South China and lay a good foundation of cooperation.