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STL Holds 2021 Annual Operation Summary & Business Objectives Signing Meeting

On Dec. 28th, the 10th anniversary of listing, STL held a2021 annual operation summary & business objectives signing meeting, which summarized the achievements of “the first five-year”, planned the objectives as well as missions of “the second five-year” and confirmed the requirement for 2022. Chairman and President, Mr. Yang Weidong, Deputy Chairman, Mr. Ma Guolin, VP, Mr. Zhu Xiaodong, Mr. Gao Jun, and Mr. Shen Xiaowei attended the meeting.


The meeting began with a review of the video, which was made in order to celebrate the anniversary, and thank the STL members for their contributions and sacrifice.  The board of directors, led my Mr. Yang Weidong, presented commemorative coins to representatives from each center, base, and division.


At the meeting, Mr. Yang Weidong made an important speech. He pointed out that in the past five years, under the leadership of the board of directors and the efforts of all members, STL had gained exciting achievements. He represented the board of directors and the management team to express sincere thanks to all members.


While facing a new journey and new opportunities, he required that everyone should keep a high sense of urgency and crisis, thoroughly implement new ideas, new strategies, and new requirements, insist on the lead of the board of directors, be guided by “HE’ culture, keep promoting the construction of cadre teams and basic management, inspire potential by innovation, create common-happiness by accurate value motivation, and fight for the second “Five-Year Plan”.


Authorized by Mr. Yang Weidong, Mr. Shen Xiaowei represented the management team in making the 2021 annual report. The report summarized the major achievements in the past five years, including business performance, industrial foundation, scientific and technological innovation, culture and image, combination of industry and financial, safety and environment, and employee happiness. Furthermore, it explains the goals, objectives, and missions for the next five years, as well as the key projects for 2022.


Except for Controllable Cost Awards in Q4, the meeting also awarded for scientific and technological advancement of STL’s “Double Five-Year Plan” which was the first time in five years to award science and technology. It revealed that STL always adhered to “value decides contribution” and firmly trusted that science and technology would create the future. 


Mr. Ma Guolin read out the official appointment document for 2022 and all cadres sweared an oath. The directors of each sector went on stage to sign the 2022 objective responsibility statement. 


This meeting was held on the critical moment which had the meaning of connecting and planning. All STL members would concentrate on the objectives, unify actions into executions under the leading of the board of directors in order to build STL as a low-carbon chemical new material technological company.