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Ethylene Glycol
Ethylene glycol, commonly known as glycol, is colorless transparent viscous liquid at room temperature.
Product characteristics
It is slightly sweet, with certain toxicity, low volatility, high flash point, hygroscopicity higher than glycerin, slightly soluble in ether, can be mixed with water in any proportion, can greatly reduce the freezing point of water.It turns yellow or brown when it contains iron impurities.
Application area
Ethylene glycol (MEG) is an important chemical raw material, its main use is to produce polyester resin products (including polyester fiber, film and PET bottles, etc.).
Aqueous solution of ethylene glycol can be used as automobile antifreeze. When water is added with ethylene glycol, the freezing point decreases. The 58% (mass fraction) of aqueous solution of ethylene glycol is -48℃, below or above this concentration, the freezing point will rise instead.
Ethylene glycol can also be used as additives in dye industry, tobacco and cosmetic lubricants.
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