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‘Mother Yang's Public Welfare Activity’ Hosted Special Performance For the disabled

In order to create a good atmosphere of caring and helping the disabled and take concrete actions to welcome the 31st "National Day of Helping the Disabled" and the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC, the people's Government of Daqiao Town hosted the special performance for the disabled-on May 8th. Lu Hong, Director of the Social Development Bureau of Science City and Mayor of Daqiao Town, presided over the event. Zhang Jianhua, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Science City and Secretary of the Party Committee of Daqiao Town, and Yang Yuying, Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy Chairman of STL, attended the event.

At the beginning of the event, Zhang Jianhua made a speech. He expressed his greetings to the 1,594 disabled people in the town, as well as his great thanks and high respect to all sectors of society who care about and support the disabled people in Daqiao Town. He summarized the achievements and deficiencies of the disabled-people program in the town in recent years. What is more, he looks forward to a brighter future.


Yang Yuying pointed out that the disabled-people program was an important part of the Socialist Modernization, which concerned social stability and economic development. STL continuously paid attention to the disabled-people program during the passing decades, cooperating with communities positively and sending warm and caring to the disabled families.

The performance began with warm applause. Entertainers brought wonderful performances to the audience. A variety of performances made the scene burst into applause and cheers from time to time. Yang Yuying also delivered gifts to the audience.

The performance not only brought a visual feast, but also enriched their spare life. What is more, it also brought the deep care and blessing from the government and ‘Mother Yang’s Public Welfare Activity’.